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Entrepreneur Lawrence Jones MBE

With more than 30 years of doing things differently, tech entrepreneur Lawrence Jones MBE has built a series of businesses valued at more than £500 million.

He is the founder and CEO of technology brand UKFast, leading the firm through 20 years of organic growth from spare bedroom to a half-a-billion pound enterprise.

Lawrence’s business portfolio includes building firm UKFast Space, The Farinet Hotel in Switzerland, Sonishi travel, cybersecurity firm Secarma, recruitment firm MySort, digital agency Harper James and various other investments.

The Mind Your Own Business Podcast

The Mind Your Own Business, hosted by Lawrence Jones MBE, is dedicated to inspiring people to reach their full potential.

Episodes feature interviews with trailblazers in their field, from entrepreneurs to sports stars, to those who have come through unimaginable challenges. This podcast tells their story - the highs and the lows, the roadblocks and the mindset it takes to stand out from the crowd.

With a reach of more than 700,000 listeners and download numbers topping 10,000 per month, the podcast regularly charts on Apple podcasts.

Previous guests include British astronaut Major Tim Peake; former Manchester United footballer and now business magnate, Gary Neville; former Apprentice star Susie Ma; entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and extraordinary philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley.

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Lawrence’s Story

Born in Denbigh, North Wales, Jones struggled in school. His passion, instead, lay in sport and music – and in making money selling sweets and snacks to his fellow pupils.

At the age of just 7, Lawrence moved to Durham Chorister School on a funded scholarship. The years spent at the prestigious school opened his eyes to a world beyond the Welsh mountains and nurtured his passion for music.

It is no surprise then that at the age of 16, with a backpack and £10 in his pocket, Lawrence moved to Manchester, setting up his first business venture: the Music Design Company (MDC). From playing piano in the old Odeon cinema in the city centre, MDC went on to become the city’s premier entertainment and event organising business, with more than 24 musicians on its books.

Selling MDC to Granada in the late nineties, Lawrence was soon looking for his next venture. In New York City, Jones was introduced to the internet. Back in the UK, few people were engaging with the online world, pushing Jones to get ahead of the curve. It was in setting up a website for a business idea that UKFast was born. The poor service level he received from providers at the time led him to create a new hosting provider centred on customer service excellence.

Twenty years later, UKFast turns over more than £54m, harnessing the recurring revenue model of Jones’ first business. UKFast now provides cloud, dedicated hosting, colocation and cybersecurity solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands, most exciting startups, and public sector and government organisations.

Lawrence's business portfolio also includes more than 15 businesses, including the famous Farient Hotel in Verbier, building firm UKFast Space, cybersecurity firm Secarma, head-hunters MySort and newly incorporated Sonishi Travel. He and UKFast co-founder Gail Jones launched teh UKFast Community and Education Trust in 2019, dedicating £5 million to underprivileged young people in the community.

Among numerous awards and accolades, in 2015 he was awarded an MBE for Services to the Digital Economy. In 2016 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree by Manchester Metropolitan University.

The commonality between his extensive, diverse portfolio is simple: great people and great service. Lawrence is a huge believer in the power of the mind and champions the value of goal-setting, mindset and belief.

Now, alongside his growing business portfolio, Lawrence dedicates time to mentoring startups, sportstars and budding business leaders, and sharing his learnings through his blog, social media and the Mind Your Own Business Podcast."

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