21 June 2006

How to attract more visitors to your site is relatively easy. Attracting the right visitors who have a higher potential of converting to customers is an art. I start with a simple question.

What are my clients looking for?

It sounds simple enough, however the majority of websites assume you know all about the product and miss out on the essentials. This is often because the person doing the promoting often is too close to the product.

I then have to second guess what search terms clients are most likely to use when searching for my product. If I am selling accountancy recruitment I would focus on 2 elements, attracting clients and candidates alike. A client search term may be “need accountant FCA Manchester.” A candidate’s search term might be “need job in credit control.”

Once you have found your keyword this is your starting point. You can use tools such as Overture’s Keyword selector tool. This is a fancy description for something that tells you how many people are searching on the specific words and their variations worldwide.


This is a great tool because you want to avoid wasting time. If you find that the search terms you are using only have 10 visitors per month and your product is £12.50, you know that you are going to need to find some more effective phrases.

Once you have your keyword, you need a landing page. This needs to written with the keywords in mind. Focus on one service per page. Devote the entire page or as much as you can to giving your visitors very targeted information.


Put simply, visitors don’t like surprises. Make your content relevant. If you give your visitors exactly what they are looking for they will thank you for it. They will probably use you there and then.

There is a slight problem with this. You have just entered into a race that never ends. Once you start competing on the internet for customers you will have fierce competition. If you make a change and directly affect someone elses leads, they will react and counter with a more effective response.

The overall affect is very addictive. Why, because we all like winning business. It is exciting and it drives us forward. Once you start winning leads through this simple process, it stands to reason that you will want to amplify your success and do it more.

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