22 November 2006

How do you find out what are the best practices on the net?

At UKFast we are privileged to be hosting thousands of web sites. We are able to see who is doing well and whose sites are failing. From these sites we are able to put together a comprehensive guide to the do’s and don’ts of web hosting and SEO. The two are closely linked.

There is a wealth of information available on best practices in SEO however who is correct? Is there a definitive list?

The majority of people professing to understand the art of SEO are keen to charge you whatever you are prepared to pay, however they are not prepared to give you guaranteed results.

It is our aim to help give free advice out to our UKFast clients and to anyone who wants to contribute. The next focus group boasts marketing and SEO experts from some of the largest or fastest growing sites on the Internet. We will be feeding back our findings in the new year via pod cast and email newsletter with links to SEO help areas and a dedicated SEO wiki.

If you feel you have a great understanding of this subject and you wish to contribute please contact jonathan.bowers@harperjames.com for a discussion.

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