18 August 2007

Have you ever wondered what is the ingredient guaranteed to improve your life? Dedication and commitment. Dan Innes a good friend to whom I owe my life after he and five friends dug me from an early grave after I was buried in an avalanche shows he has it in abundance.

My earliest memories of Dan, outside of boyhood, was his 2 man effort rowing in a race across the Atlantic. No surprise 15 years on he is still growing strong with the same ingredients that makes him successful and larger than life: Dedication to whatever he sets his mind on and absolute commitment.

It came as no shock when I heard Dan was taking on not one, but 4 events in less than 40 days in support of the Alzheimer’s Research Trust:

The King Sturge Property Triathlon at Dorney Lake
The British Etape, 193km cycling from Greenwich to Canterbury
The French Etape, 196km mountainous cycling
The full course London Triathlon.

Dan finished the 196kms challange crossing the line in 9 hours 49 minutes, which placed him somewhere in the top 2,000. He descibed his triumph as “an absolutely incredible day, full of mixed emotions, and an enormous sense of satisfaction at raising more cash for the Alzheimers Research Trust.”

So if you are looking for motivation

Xon and dreaming about improving your life or someone else’s, take a leaf out of Dan Innes’ book and get your running shoes on and start to push yourself today. It is not going to happen sitting on the couch!

If you want to find out more about the race or click here to see Dan finishing with a smile.

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