17 January 2008

In 1979, video killed the radio star. Today, online film is set to become the next media craze.

This week a study by Tiscali showed that more than a third of UK consumers log on to watch TV on demand. The figures show double the amount on last year, of people watching television online. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an astounding increase.

The statistics reflect a growing trend in viewing and producing online video. It is a media format most definitely has its good points – providing dynamic web content on platform that can be seen the world over. And it also has its bad points. I’m recalling the recent happy-slapping craze which swept video download site YouTube.

Online video downloading also has the potential to financially cripple the entertainments industry as downloading free and often illegal video beats buying it by four to one.

But for better or worse, internet video is here, and its here to stay.
For businesses, advertising, marketing and communications videocasting has massive, almost untapped, potential.

For example, when designing your website it’s important to remember that content is king. Lots of text is wonderful for search engine spiders, but it is not just robots who read your web pages. Even if you manage to get a top spot in the search engines, if your content isn’t up to scratch, your organisation’s message is lost.

By adding video content to your site you automatically increase your validity as a company, appearing bigger and more authoritative. Additionally you open up a medium to provide a direct message to your audience.

Video attracts visitors and keeps them. It’s proven that consumers don’t stay long on pages that bore them, which is why reams and reams of text may not convert your hits into sales. Online film gives a face or personality to a format which is otherwise quite flat. It builds a trust with your customers, and can be both informative and entertaining.

In the years to come, videocasting will become more and more commonplace, so start now. Be ahead of the game and your online business will benefit no end. At UKFast , we have had a massive interest in our new videocasting department. We’re producing broadcast quality video for our clients as well as ourselves and the standard of dynamic content we are providing has given some glowing testimonials.

My advice is this: don’t stop writing content, it’s still important to have substantial information on your site. But if you haven’t already, definitely consider dynamic content like podcasts or videocasts to really capture your audience’s attention.

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