1 February 2008

This week on my annual holiday, I’ve been thinking about how difficult it once was to remain aware of the office whilst taking time off.

Managers and directors often find it very difficult to leave the office even for a short while.

Keeping your eye on the business whilst going on holiday has, in the past, posed many problems but every year it definitely gets easier.

The fact that I am able to go away and leave the office for several weeks boils down to advanced technology and a quality company strategy.

Looking at my mobile phone, I contemplate the ease in which I can contact anyone in the office at any time of the working day.

We all work from home, on the train, or anywhere that has an internet connection or telephone line, these days.

Through the use of exchange servers, for example, Microsoft has made simple the accessing of emails, voicemails, contact lists and calendars from remote locations. This is particularly useful because of its familiarity. Whichever device the software renders on, it bears resemblance to Microsoft Office Outlook.

However, in addition to having reliable technology, before I go away I like to tie up loose ends and debrief my staff, making sure they’re all well equipped to deal with what may occur in my absence.

I always advise company managers or directors to consider taking time off throughout the year. Running a company is a difficult job and everyone needs time to recharge their batteries.

It gives you a chance a chance to refresh, renew and take the time to think about the business in a new light.

Plus wherever I am I the world, I can now guarantee that I am only one email or phone call away.

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