26 February 2008

As a sportsman and a businessman, it is my pleasure to support local grass roots talent.

Sport and business go hand in hand. In both it takes talent and practice to get to the top of your game and in my opinion, some of the most motivated businessmen are keen sports players.

Sportspeople set goals and strive to achieve them. They relish a challenge and don’t shy away when things get tough. People who play sport have an ability to stay focused and find it easier to work as a team.

Apart from that, sport promotes a healthy body and a competitive mindset – which can be very useful in the business environment.

At UKFast we take a lot of note from the way great sportspeople train and use their techniques. The vast majority of the tasks we undertake are done routinely with a goal in sight.

As a supporter and sponsor of Sale Sharks rugby for many years, I’m proud to have been there to see the team grow from strength to strength.

By sponsoring local sports teams, you are able to play an active part in the community. At UKFast we’ve taken part in various rugby days for children so they can benefit from the sport too.

Additionally, with the sponsorship of the team we have been able to meet and build relationships with other Manchester businesses.

But it is not just established teams I like to be involved with. I am currently sponsoring two young tennis players, Naomi and Liam Broady.

The two have been highlighted as the nation’s freshest talent and by doing what we can to help them we offer the ability to further their careers in sport for as long as possible.

So in my opinion, sport is a wonderful way to motivate yourself and your team and of course it goes towards fulfilling your business’s corporate social responsibility.

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