26 March 2008

On Friday 14th March at UKFast we won our fourth ISPA award for best hosting – an achievement I am immensely proud of.

UKFast smashed industry records by winning the award for four years consecutively.

Being recognised and praised for the hard work we have put in to the company is a wonderful feeling. I sincerely hope our victory proved the importance and necessity of excellent customer service as well as top of the range dedicated server hardware.

However, I for one am not willing to rest on my laurels. That’s not the attitude that has got the company this far.

So this year we’re going to keep pushing.

As a company we’re growing very quickly in size, knowledge and experience. The boundaries of the internet have never been closer but at UKFast we’ll never see them as closed- continuing to push them with all of our strength.

This year we have great things planned at UKFast. Our aim is to increase employee numbers to 100 before 2009 and continue to provide the most powerful and reliable technology, networks and support.

And of course to win the ISPA for a fifth time in 2009.

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