8 May 2008

In a world that has gone Google mad it’s great sometimes to step away from your monitor and use that age old communication method – talking.

Welcome to the world of human interfacing.

Last week I had the immense pleasure of meeting several hundred interesting people at the Internet World exhibition, in London’s Earls Court. And I met them face to face.

As truly amazing as technology is in its new styles of communication, there is no substitute for the personal approach of physically meeting people.

There’s a buzz at Internet World which is contagious, and despite the aching feet and bodies of the UKFast team, I know every one of them felt exhilarated. It’s exciting to get out of the office and escape from behind the computer screen.

We always put a huge amount of effort into our offline presence and this year at Internet World was certainly no exception.

A champagne bar, plasma screens, models, a Ducati racing bike and dual levelled stand with an inbuilt video studio complimented our hands-on customer approach. We won the award for Best Exhibition Stand which I’m extremely proud of.

In an internet-oriented world, email, SEO and PPC are all fabulous manners in which to promote your business and communicate. But there’s nothing like the excitement of face to face contact.

My advice is to make an effort to meet more people. Get your brand seen in its full fleshy glory. And make sure the world knows that your business is not just a picture on a screen.

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