20 May 2008

In the past week the British government has been criticised over its websites. A report states the websites have barely improved over the last seven years.

In this period of time, the internet has grown and changed considerably. There is much more offered by way of interactive and dynamic content now, making internet usage undeniably better than it was back in 2001.

When I look back over the years at how the UKFast website has grown, it is barely recognisable as the site of 2001. It wasn’t that it was a poor site back then, just that the internet has moved on so much.

The speed and reliability of new internet technology – broadband, quadcore web servers, innovative applications, etc, etc – offers the ability to host so much more content that I’m surprised the government hasn’t invested more into its websites. Especially with the quality of web content that can be offered online these days and the functions it can perform.

The government’s website were criticised for their lack of feedback options, poor search facilities, accessibility and usability.

This interested me greatly because it highlighted that the government (and probably businesses and organisations all over the world) still isn’t taking its online presence seriously enough.

The internet is intrinsic in the growth of UKFast. Our marketing strategy for example, was for many years based only online.

Through the growth of the UKFast website, so has the company increased size, in its successes and in its profits.

This is largely due to us moving with the times. We make sure we learn and implement the latest online techniques, from new SEO methods to incorporating more dynamic content with the introduction of video to our website. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs the success of the new UKFast videocasting department.

I simply cannot stress enough the importance of the internet to organisations in every sector. Make sure you’re using it to its fullest extent.

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