23 December 2008

The festivities are but a few days away and the high-street is bursting with last minute shoppers. Christmas will be here soon, with presents under the tree, turkeys in the oven and the much-anticipated visit of Mr Claus.

Over the holidays most of us have a few days off when we can look to the New Year. Here 2009 spreads out like a pristine carpet, glowing faintly under the fairy lights of possibility.

During this time we have a chance to clear our heads and make some resolutions for the coming year. If you’re looking for some ideas for marketing your online business, I’ve compiled a few which have been discussed in my blog over the last 12months:

* I will stay positive. Motivate your team and you’ll be rewarded with a hard working, dedicated force.

* I will tell my team about the good work they do. This will keep spirits up as others complain about the credit crunch and economic downturn.

* I will take my advertising online. It’s cheaper and it’s more easily targeted to a specific audience.

* I won’t underestimate my online presence. So many businesses see their website as a minor offshoot of their physical store or high street. Well whilst the high street suffers, online business is booming – the wisest businesses will invest in their website further.

* I will invest in my online infrastructure. Those who power their online business with faster hosting deliver a quicker and better customer service, keeping their customers coming back. Faster hosting also improves your search engine ranking.

* I will secure my website. Letting customers know their details are secure encourages them to buy online. Invest in an SSL certificate to let your customers know you are dedicated to their safety.

So, I hope you’ll have a wonderful Christmas, see off 2008 in style and would like to personally wish you prosperity in the New Year.

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