4 March 2009

In a week where we were lucky enough to win a place in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work, I think it important to take a step back, reflect and take the trouble to thank every single person involved in UKFast even those who are no longer with us and who have moved on to pastures new. They all contribute to our one common objective.

One of the big misconceptions which I hear so often from accountants and lawyers, business consultants and the like is that they ask me how will the company keep its potency and retain its focus as the business continues to grow.

I always explain that it is the team that grow the business. All of the innovation, passion and belief come from with in. I think the business would be fundamentally flawed if all the ideas and drive came from one source.

I explain that actually I don’t do an awful lot these days apart from meddle in the different departments to make sure our core values are still developing from with in.

I am not sure they believe me! But it is true and a decade later I believe the passion that makes every day special is just as potent, maybe even more so.

It is inspiring to be part of such a great team. I don’t feel I own UKFast, it feels more that it owns me and my single duty outside of being a husband and a father is ensure that God forbid when it is time to call it a day for whatever reason the business continues to grow long after I am gone.

Until that day, anything other than excellence is not an option. On that journey if you can contribute to our improvement please drop me a line. I don’t assume that UKFast or any of us with in it are the finished article, far from it.

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