22 August 2009

It is that time of year again. A Level results time.

My goddaughter just achieved 4 A’s. Incredible! A far cry from my terrible attempt.

Yet you dont need A level results to be successful.

Here is my itinerary for yesterday:

  • BBC Radio Manchester 7.30am
  • BBC Online photo shoot and interview City Tower, Piccadilly 12.00 pm
  • Channel M 4pm News

It certainly sounds impressive. Yet the only reason they all wanted to interview me, was because 23 years ago, on my A level results day, I got 2 U’s (That’s unclassified)

I joked on the radio, “thanks for telling the world.” Yet in a funny sort of way I am quite proud of this achievement. It proves that we are all different. Academic exams are only recognising a certain type of intellect. In school and further education, we don’t seem to put much importance on common sense, practical skills, goal orientation.

All my truly financially successful friends failed dismally when it came to exams. The ability to sit still in a classroom is something great entrepreneurs seem to lack. Yet when they come out of school, they fly. Why is that?

Sadly, I don’t have the magic formula to explain what it is. I am confident it is NOT coincidence. Yet it may be related to the fact that a great many entrepreneurs are told, time after time, that they will be failures.

This gives you an easy starting point.

  1. you want to prove that person wrong
  2. you can’t fail as there is nowhere lower to go!

So as I said during my 3 interviews. If you have failed your A levels, don’t worry. It is for a reason. there is something better for you out there. If you have not got your desired results to go to university, don’t worry. Get a job. Get trained up and if you are smart and you work hard, you will be light years ahead of your friends who go off to university.

They will come out with massive debt (£25,000 if you are lucky) you on the other hand, should have a house, car and serious lifestyle by then.

I remember back that far ago. I got my first house when I was still 19 years old. It was a goal I had set as a very young child, to beat my father who had got his first one when he was around 24.

When graduates come to UKFast, I do not look at their grades, I look for their sporting influences and their part time jobs. A 1st is the same as a 2:2 where I come from. It is now down to how hard you are going to graft.

So don’t be despondent. Pick up the phone and get a job. Find a company that offers comprehensive training or why not set up your own.

What have you go to loose. You are going to be £25,000 in debt anyway. Surely with that headstart you can build a business.

Good luck.

Lawrence Jones (the only letters after my name) UU
Managing Director

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