20 February 2010

There is something very special about time-out. We see things through a different set of spectacles. By stepping away and leaving a busy schedule or what even may not appear to you at first glance to be a hectic life, we are able to relax.

It is not something I can do easily, switching off, in fact my idea of switching off and winding down are very different to most.

So what do I mean by making the most of very hour? (that god sends), thats the old adage that I remember from the “olds” in our family. Without the technology advancements I still find I am being taught lessons I was previously told in a former life as a child.

It is easy for me, I had a life threatening moment. A realisation that I was not immortal and that OK, I escaped death this time, but at some point we’d meet again face to face. When you have a moment like that, you realise that everything around you is precious. Every moment.
I remember being pulled from the hole which the boys dug me out from, with the worst headache in the world. My new life was literally moments old. I had been reborn in a funny sort of way, this was undoubtedly a second chance. And the thing I remember most, is the feeling of Rob’s lips on mine. They were so soft it was incredible. I better explain…Rob was one of our friends on the trip, a thoracic heart surgeon, handy to have around when you need resuscitating.

I asked myself a question as my life ebbed away that day. What have I achieved? I had left nothing. In fact I wasn’t a great man, if I am honest I was a selfish man. Not deliberately selfish but nevertheless I was certainly not a happy man.

By having this moment of truth, when I came around, boy was I on a mission to rectify things.

I remember removing 2 drips and my ECG and checking myself out of the hospital. I had a life to lead.

And do I live every moment now? Absolutely and I love getting a different perspective on life. And this is where time out is so important. This morning I came down stairs to watch the sun come up. I am on holiday, the girls are all sleeping. But I am awake, so I cannot lie down. My brain wants to go and do things.

So as the sun comes up in the beautiful Caribbean, I look at my watch and see that it is 10.02 am in the UK and I am reminded of all my friends and family over there. This is a great time to reflect. By 10.am on a Saturday morning in the UK, I’d have already done 60 minutes squash, had a massage and finished the first in a string of meetings. But being grateful is an important ingredient if you want to find true success. True happiness. It is something I try and do regularly, but nothing beats being away from everything and everyone to truly appreciate them.

At first the world here looks very sleepy. But the birds are singing. It is still dark. The Concierges are having a cup of tea and a well earned chat after a long night. And down below the restaurant is awaking. The banta is loud from the kitchen and the world is alive. You see peoples true personality first thing in the morning. The staff here at the hotel are fantastic. They are so well mannered, polite and they conduct themselves in the most professional manner. Not at the moment they’re not! They are laughing loudly, flirting with each other, throwing stuff, they are playful. They are much more fun! You develop much stronger relations with people when you around them when  they are being their most natural.

So when was the last time you took time out? Proper time out?

Are you too busy? This is a common reason people give for not having the time to themselves. People generally and sadly don’t see the value of time to yourself. Time to reflect.

This is not selfish, wanting time out. This is an absolute necessity if you want to find true success. And true success does not mean the amount of money you earn. You can be rich and unfulfilled. You can have nothing and be the happiest man alive.

That being said, every successful entrepreneur I know, values time to themselves and sets aside time away from their normal schedule.

And this is why holidays are so important. They need to be regular. I don’t care what sort of dynamo you are if you are not slowing down and taking stock and also rewarding yourself for the hard work you put in on a regular basis, you will eventually collapse. You will not sustain the ultimate success you are chasing, worse still you may end up meeting your maker a little earlier than expected!

This is a happy subject, first thing on a Saturday morning. But actually it is. Life is for living. You need to cram as much into every day as you can. Have you ever wondered why some people, the really successful ones ever manage to arrive at this destination. Put simply is that some of these people will achieve more in a month that normal folk do in a lifetime.

Imagine if you lived until you were 1000 years old. Imagine just how rich you would be. What would the equity in your house be worth then! You might not be particularly looking your best! But think of all the things you’d have accumulated and the wealth of knowledge you’d have too.

But its a good way to look at it. Successful people and entrepreneurs maximize their time, they don’t sit still for very often and they put their brain to work from the moment it wakes up. That being said, I am going to finish this coffee, steal 2 minutes staring out to sea walk along the beach, then I am off to wake up the girls and squeeze every drop of juice out of this magical day!

Go have a great one.

Loz (UKFast)

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