20 February 2010

Tiger Woods is certainly getting a great deal of publicity at the moment.

However, what is really going on behind the scenes. He has clearly behaved stupidly, but is it our business what he does in his private life? Are all the people judging him in the media squeaky clean? I doubt it. But nevertheless, whenever the TV is switched on there he is, in the public eye.

His recent apology in my opinion is farcical. He should not apologise to the world, his issue is a lot closer to home. In my opinion he is apologising purely to save the Tiger Woods brand. The potential lost revenue bad publicity brings. Everyone remembers the Ratner story how one of Britains biggest brands fell out of favour overnight, quite literally.

The reason why he shouldn’t be apologising for being a sex addict or whatever ludicrous title they are brandishing on him, is because the same ingredient that got him into this mess is the identical ingredient that made Tiger Woods the most amazing golfer that has walked this earth so far.

This is his obsessive gene.  He should not be going to therapy to quosh this gene, you will kill the golden goose. Yes he needs to stop behaving like a twit and pull his finger out and whatever else (pun intended) and obsess on his golf.

The cycle of success goes like this.

1. Work hard, focus.

2. Start to get results.

3. Become successful

4. Celebrate, take time out and start to relax

5. Ease off on the disciplines that made you suucessful

6. Focus on other things

7. Start to fail

8. Completely hit rock bottom

9. Decide to make a change and improve.

Back to number 1 again.

Ironically if Tiger Wood’s family are behind the “public apology” his mother who laden with diamonds (no doubt gifts from her sons wealth) and others, although meaning to help, will start to sabotage their very existence.

And the one person who can help? The one person who understood success and the disciplines needed to obtain greatness. Tiger Wood’s father, who is no longer alive.

It is little wonder then when such a great mentor and leader dies, that the son starts to fail without the guidance and discipline close at hand.

That being said, obsessive characters can choose to focus on a great many things. The fact that he chose sex and other people away from his wife tells me that he lacks variety. The variety that he got from golf in the early days may have worn off. “Will I win this tournament?” eventually became, “of course.” Which in turn leads to stages 3 and 4 which invariably mean poeple take their eye off the ball.

So what is the best for Tiger Woods now? I can guarantee going to some posh clinic for sex therapy is NOT the answer. This just means he focusses more on what became the problem. He needs to do the opposite. Tiger Woods has the ability to fix this problem (if it actually is a problem) in a matter of seconds. A simple decision to say “no” from a man with the level of determination he posses is enough.

But you might be saying “he shows incredible weakness by his actions”, possibly, but again, he is just a man looking for variety. And due to the abundance of variety he has had in the past, this guy needs to get a whole heck of a lot of it. The variety of will I get caught or wont I replaced the will I win or wont I.

This is a competitive man. Yes he has acted unkindly to his wife, but we dont know the full story, there may be more to the saga in his home life. If his family and true friends have his and their best interest at heart, they need to put a set of golf clubs in his hands and march him up and down the course until he has it out of his system.

Personally I wish him all the best. He shows he is human and I think he has been found out for a crime that many people do day in day out, but just hide it very well.

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