9 April 2010

A big well done to the team who ventured to Wales with me this week. As I am currently still in the hills this is going to be a short post. I don’t think I have ever had such fun in such cold weather! With 100 mph winds and sideways rain, the usually protected top lake of Snowdon was an interesting place to pitch our tents.

Well done for everyone who kept smiling in spite of the adverse conditions. Looking at the picture taken just before the team left to head back for work at UKFast, you’d think it was mid summer evening and there had never been a drop of rain.

Check out the photo with me and my 2 fantastic dogs (Indie and Lara). Notice the absence of people. Everyone bar JB, Tristan and myself were hiding from the cold in the tent.

Lawrence outside tent on Snowdon

UKFast Team at Snowdon Lakehouse

Lawrence Jones (UKFast) with rucksack ready to climb Snowdon

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