16 April 2010

Life is funny. Just walked in to the Midland Hotel for dinner at my favourite restaurant The French.

It is made special by the fact that I played the piano here for 5 years from the age of 19.

I remember the day when I lost the contract. It was the hardest time of my life. It was during the 90’s in the proper recession.

I rang the guy who replaced me up to see of He ever needed a sub he was called Per Neilson. He was an amazing pianist. He could play anything. On the phone he told me “Lawrence you are the worst piano player in Manchester, and you will never make it as a business man.”

Well 15 years later here i am for dinner with my wonderful wife and guess who is playing the piano?

In all honesty just like I said back in 1995 “you are half right”.

I was the worst piano player and compared to Per Neilson I was a disaster and it’s a crying shame musicians as talented as him are not on a bigger stage.

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