20 April 2010

So here we are at Branson’s place in the mountain. The UKFast Hosting Summit is a multi-purposed event.

We are here to redesign and shape our product offering to ensure UKFast clients get the very best service and solution in the IT and hosting industry.

But, because we believe so much in our philosophy that fresh air, exercise, coupled with learning and sharing experiences drives better decision making, we have chosen this years retreat to be hosted at The Lodge, Verbier. Mountain retreat to Sir Richard Branson. Mine and Gail’s personal favorite winter retreat.

Today’s itinerary for example, is play hard in the morning with plenty of Skiing and Boarding.

2pm lunch back at the lodge

3pm – 7pm Focus Groups and product shaping

7pm – 9pm Dinner

9pm Coffees and home made biscuits

9.30pm – close

Midnight relax and pre-detox drinks.

I have a mixture of members of the sales team here along with 4 directors and my personal assistant. In a way it doubles as an incentive, because although we dont take the biggest earners or highest revenue generators, who are usually the people you reward in an organisation, we take people who contribute to the highest level, and for them it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hang out in the ultimate property in the alps, whilst being fed by the best chefs in the world.

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