23 August 2010

When you find yourself deep underground and no air to breath, it is safe to say you are having a life changing moment. But how does one event, just a matter of a few hours one day in the distant past make such a difference to people. Yet the more successful and driven people I meet, they all seem to have some sort of inspiration that comes from a deeper place.

I know confidently, I would not be the man I am today if I’d not been buried in an avalanche. I’d have carried on, talking about how great one day I’d be, and although working incredibly long hours I’d have never been truly successful. I think I was directionless. What my accident gave me was an understanding of time and a focus.

Time is equal to all men. Its not something that should be squandered. Yet I, like most, back in those days didn’t maximise every minute of every day.

In the early days as a young man I focussed on everything except the disciplines you need to carry yourself forward in the professional world? The result, I was a great person to hang out with, but everything else took a back seat.

Nowadays, it is a completely different attitude that drives me.

I focus on the fun elements in life. I realised, life is too short. Yea yea, I know its a cliche however it is bang on and its not until you have something taken away from you you value it.

In my journey to this stage of my life, I have been fortunate to spend time with some extraordinary people. Today is no exception although if I am honest, I don’t get to meet people of this calibre every day. I talk of Tony Robbins. The ultimate in life coaching, a man with a deeper understanding of human needs and what drives human behaviour than any other man I’ve met on the planet.

Years ago, I set some goals, “one day I will have Tony Robbins as my personal coach.” A BIG goal, considering he charges more than a million and he has a waiting list. However, I still see the value, along with the top business professionals and politicians in the World today. In life you get what you focus on. What Tony does, is help you maintain that focus and aim for the stars.

It’s not right of me to start listing all the infamous people Tony has coached or still coaches. All I can say is the list is a veritable who’s who of the most famous and successful people on the planet.

This week on his island in Namale, I had the good fortune of being coached by him and spending invaluable time with his and key members of his team. It is safe to say, I have never seen such focus and dedication (outside of UKFast of course) and it is a pleasure to work with someone who pushes the standards to such high levels.

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