23 August 2011

Even before I stepped foot on Necker, as we approached in the speedboat, I was captivated. The Great House sat high on the hill proudly overlooking the bay. I was not prepared for the magic that happened that first time.

Whilst Gail unpacked I went exploring. That’s when I first met Richard. I was looking at a picture above the piano when he came over and introduced himself.

The house may have gone temporarily ut this memory and a thousand like it will remain with me for ever. And I know that there are millions of memories from all the other people Necker inspires, not least the great friends I have made on that island.

We always stayed in the Great House. It’s a huge Balinese structure built from wood and stone. It had all the modcons you’d expect, yet it still captured a Robinson Crusoe feel of something man made. Something made from an enormous collective effort.

I have some awesome memories of the place so I can’t imagine what Richard, Joan, Sam and Holly will be thinking. However, if there is a family who can come out of this experience stronger, it will be the Bransons.

Great House Necker

Crows Nest on top of the Great House on Necker Island

We are due there in October so I am not sure what the plan will be. We have a week on the Necker Belle, Richards’s yacht, then we were supposed to be staying in the Great House, so it might be that we are camping on the beach. Whatever the plan, we will run with it. Necker is an extraordinary place, filled with extraordinary creatures and extraordinary people.

I am not sure how to tell my 2 little girls. They are so excited about seeing the tortoises that come and visit you during breakfast.

What I am sure of is that Branson’s spirit cannot be undone by a fire.

Yes, it’s an amazing place, it’s a magical island and that magic is made from the smiles from everyone who live, work and visit there.

The bricks and mortar will be replaced and the thousands of memories of the Necker faithfuls will continue to connect.

It’s nothing new that there is a fire on Necker. There has always been one and it will continue to burn deep in our hearts.

Shoulders back Richard.

Inside the Great House Necker

Inside the Great House in Necker before the fire

Standing outside the Great House Feb 2011

Standing in front of the Great House.


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