2 December 2012

UKFast DataCentre Airconditioning fans outside of Manoc 6

” UKFast Data Centres, a division of UKFast, opens later this month making the complex the largest data centre technology park in Manchester

What started out as a dream back in 1999 is rapidly developing into reality for the team at UKFast. And there’s nothing virtual about it.

Manchester’s latest 2 data centres, owned and operated by UKFast, bring our complex up to a whopping 5.5MW – making it the largest single data centre complex in Manchester.

Two years ago, I got fed up with the lack of competition in the region, with the few data centres available changing hands regularly and falling short of the levels of service we required. The only credible option for us was to invest and build our own.

UKFast’s first data centre, a massive 2MW, was filling up so fast it was clear that we needed to take the plunge and commit to the next level. We filled it within 12 months of it becoming fully operational. Within 6 months, we were having to turn down business as we knew we couldn’t build another one quickly enough to keep up with the demand our clients required.

Whilst these new data centres dwarf other Manchester operators with more power per square foot than any other data centre provider outside of London, UKFast’s next data centre is set to break all records as we prepare to push the button on a £22 million 8MW project.

With thousands of miles of cabling, the existing £12 million investment is a major landmark moment in my life. This is, undoubtedly, our greatest achievement to date in UKFast’s timeline. What’s more exciting though, is that it has given us the appetite to venture further into this market. I see many more of these data centres all across Europe. We have 2 more planned for Manchester; one of them an underground facility where we will build offices and accommodation for the UKFast team above.

UKFast Datacentre Imagery Cabling under the floor

The attention to detail building data centres is imperative. Even though these cables are hidden, UKFast engineers go to incredible lengths to ensure they are laid perfectly

It’s an exciting time for everyone in our industry. As we come out of a recession, we are perfectly placed to service the power-hungry entrepreneurs of the future.

Our job at UKFast is to help people grow online and this means that we have to be 2 or 3 steps ahead of our clients’ needs, which is tough at the best of times in any business, but online it is no easy feat when you have to commit millions of pounds to create the hosting environments.

As UKFast grows, we require bigger and bigger facilities each time. This is the challenge that excites us. There is nothing quite like seeing the pavements being dug up and the construction team working around the clock, knowing that we are lighting the fibres to the future for many more successful businesses who deserve the very best connectivity.

If you want to come on a tour of our facility, I’d be very proud to show you around.

To all the companies who host with UKFast, I’d like to say thank you for making this possible. We will continue to develop the very ‘best in class’ services for you to power your brilliant online businesses well into the future.

Thank you for buying British.

Best of British


Lawrence Jones

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