3 November 2013

Last week when the GDP figures from the Office for National Statistics showed growth in the economy, it seemed like people were celebrating the so-called “news” that Britain was finally turning things around.

However, this isn’t breaking news; business people have known this for some time. Why? Because it is them – the business people of Britain, the people at the coalface – who have been knuckling down and driving us out of this crisis. So is it fair that politicians piggybacked on the grit and determination of others to push their own agendas?

George Osborne used the GDP increase of 0.8% this quarter – the third positive quarter in a row – to demonstrate the success of the coalition government. Yes, the economy is growing at its fastest rate since they came to power but are these two things correlated? I don’t think so.

The government have finally realised that things are on the up and now they’re bouncing around telling everyone how good they are, with no mention of the SME’s contribution and unwavering support in spite of years of messages of doom and gloom. Many of us already knew the economy was looking and feeling good, and this feeling has been growing for some time. Despite the difficulties posed to businesses, with very little money available from the lenders and an  unimaginative taxation system – the business people of Britain and their workforces are the ones that are getting the economy on track, not the politicians. I struggle to see what support the government are referring to?
I would go as far to say the government are so detached from what is really happening in the boardroom or factory floor, they are a little like a weather vane that relies on the weather to see which way the wind is blowing. To take credit for the direction of the wind is preposterous and a little disrespectful after all the hard times we have been through.

If the nick Clegg said, “the great people and businesses of Britain need to be congratulated on their efforts and focus over the last few years for their contribution on the economic turnaround.” Can you imagine the reaction. He would be applauded for his magnanimous approach.

Nick Clegg actually said, “This government has set Britain on the right course.”

I take umbrage at a politician hijacking the achievements of business people to promote their own needs and the needs of their party.  We need a government that is able to forecast the weather and not just wait to look out of the window to announce that it is now suddenly sunny!

I have learned that great leaders never take the credit for things when they go well. They pass on the praise to others and site luck before they’d take the credit themselves. These same great leaders are very quick to take responsibility for things when they go wrong and never apportion blame to other individuals. Where are the politicians who follow this mantra?

We have politicians who are struggling to lead as they have no understanding of the fundamentals of leadership. The current system in the Commons isn’t conducive to collaboration and listening which are the two key ingredients to teamwork, which is whats needed from the UK’s top politicians. Not the bickering, mudslinging and offloading they demonstrate on their televised debates.


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