25 November 2013

I hear so many business leaders talking about disruption and whilst some of them I admire, I can’t help thinking that they have got this all wrong.

Yes, I understand that the ethos is for entrepreneurs who go into existing markets with a fresh approach, with innovation as the wind in their sails, yet this is just standard in my opinion and has been since the beginning of time. New products will always outstrip old ones. Innovation will always favour the forward thinker. What the “trendy title” fails to cover is that the real winners in today’s race, are the collaborators. The people who work together and innovate. The entrepreneurs that connect the world, the ones that make software accessible and take advantage of open source and APIs are the winners of the future. Do not let the word DISRUPTOR, disrupt your success and make you feel that you need to be edgy, difficult, possibly arrogant and all the other traits associated with the word.

Make your number one focus COLLABORATION and disrupt by default BY CREATING a successful organisation.

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