29 December 2013

Wow it’s been an intense few days. With everyone shutting down for Christmas holidays, I think even Santa might have struggled with the project I am working on! (http://bit.ly/1liK1Vu)

Yet there’s something pretty amazing about us Brits. How we rally together when we need each other most.

I will never understand the powers of human nature, but its remarkable when you set you mind to something; strange almost magical things happen. Each time we have hit a hurdle, someone has miraculously stepped in to help.

Today the “Man of the Match” is Scott from WotMix who turned up at 9am to supply the concrete and even brought some helpers too. If that wasn’t enough he delivered a pile of aggregate for the base that is going under the lawn. To top it off he wont let me pay for it.

Scott from WOTMIX donated a whole heap of cement and delivered it on a Sunday morning. Superstar

Scott from WOTMIX donated a whole heap of cement and delivered it on a Sunday morning. Superstar

Scott, thank you friend. Some of the greatest relationships are forged from the toughest of circumstances. This is one of these moments mid Christmas holidays when so many things are conspiring against us and you have kept this project on schedule.

But Scott is not alone. The support from what started out as a single cry for help, is proving to be awe inspiring.

Out of the blue came a chap called John Marsh who owns a lighting and AV firm called AVONICS. He is meeting me tomorrow to help me design some really cool things for little Harvey. One of Harvey’s disabilities means that he struggles with communication however he responds to and loves light, so we are going to design something special that he can interact with.

I have more good stories of generous people and I will tell their stories as they unfold however I don’t want to spoil the surprise that we have in store for the whole family.

So what I have I learnt?

What’s interesting is that the internet has the potential to enable communities and gives the masses a voice. We have always been told that, “no one likes good news!” So the news channels pump out disaster after disaster and leave a token happy story until the end. It’s a policy probably dreamt up by some disconnected business man in a board room who owns a TV station and everyones followed suit.

The masses have spoken on this occasion and Facebook’s activity via the Manchester Evening News demonstrated that people not only care, but they are prepared to get behind a good cause. Something that has previously (before the internet) been very difficult without the backing of TV. Facebook clearly rivals TV as a new form of broadcast medium.

Concrete down and kids happy playing with the guinea pigs in the background

Concrete down and kids happy playing with the guinea pigs in the background

The other thing I learnt is about myself. It’s very easy to live in a bubble and forget those less fortunate than ourselves. If you are reading this blog post, you are one of the privileged. You read and write and you take it for granted. You have a computer, you are able to communicate.

Whats upsetting is there are so many others not in this position and then another world of carers and support groups, the unsung heroes that cope with these “normalities” every day of their lives.

On every street, there is someone who needs our help. Yet it takes the power of the internet, a medium that has been known to inhibit direct communication, to inspire hundreds of thousands of people to get vocal and get behind this family and project.

Thank you to each and every one of  you for restoring my faith in humankind. For inspiring me to get off my backside and for reminding me I am not alone.

To everyone supporting and willing this project on. You are as much a part of this as the team in the pictures.

Best of British



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