9 February 2014

You are out there somewhere. Just like I was.

Lost, looking for a path that has no road signs, no obvious markings and no one to help you on your way. The chances of you finding the right direction today, let alone at every point in your future, are slim to none, when you have 359 alternative degrees ahead of you.

But if you are reading this, its a start and my money is on you nailing that big task ahead of you and doing the impossible.

Like on any journey, you need to be prepared, but unlike other journeys the only thing you need for this one is an open mind, a great set of ears, a pencil and a pad. No money, no golden ticket, no inheritance, no bank loan. These things will only hold you back and whilst you might make money quicker with all of the above, you will find it a great deal harder to find the answer to true success.

Lawrence Jones Blogging in the Maldives on Goal Setting

Lawrence Jones Blogging in the Maldives on Goal Setting

I went for a run this morning, looking out to sea. I am on a beautiful island in the Maldives. I came here for my honeymoon and have been returning ever since. Each time with a bigger family and bigger dreams.

I put on my headphones and did what I do every year and listen to my old friend, Tony Robbins.

When I first started listening to Tony, I was a little sceptical, but something intrigued me and everything he said seemed to make sense.

One of Tony’s tasks is to help you to set goals. BIG GOALS.

Write down things that ordinarily might seem stupid, massive things, impossible things. Dream big!

He explains “Everything in your external world starts in your internal world.”

What Tony means is that everything and I mean every detail, from the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the house you buy, the life you lead, starts as a single thought. OK well that’s easy to understand and pretty obvious when you think about it, but who does think about it? Where it gets interesting is he links all the extraordinary things you might wish for, to the same philosophy. He reckons the reason people don’t hit these amazing heights is because they simply don’t believe they are attainable.

The bit that is hard to explain in a quick blog is the scientific link between writing goals down and your brain doing everything in its power to help make them happen.

I thought, “what have I got to loose?”

I didn’t have a whole lot financially and unlike most people who promise the earth, Tony wasn’t demanding the earth.

I was naturally excited to test this theory too. He referred to a scientific goal setting test that was carried out in Stanford University and how they revisited the surviving class mates 30 years later to see the results, and believe me it’s fascinating. Mind blowing!

So I decided to put it to the test. Not one to ever give up on something, anyone knows me will vouch for that, I decided to do the exercise to the letter.

But like anything in nature, you can’t plant a seed and wake up the next morning and be as lucky as Jack and the Beanstalk!

It might have been easy to give up, yet we set smaller goals too as well as large ones, and luckily when we revisited our list a year later, we’d hit them to the letter. It was too accurate and uncanny to ignore, there were specifics amongst the goals that simply were extraordinary.

Yet even 5 years in, some of the big goals still seemed almost ridiculous, but we stuck to it.

Every year on the same running machine I’d look out to sea dreaming.

And that’s where I am now. The only difference is that somewhere along that journey, everything clicked into place. Every goal became reality, they somehow became easier and easier to touch. I dont think there is a single goal on the list that isn’t nailed or in the pipeline.

I wont spoil the fun as I am still have my head down running on the road, writing bigger ones now each year, but even daft goals like getting to know both Tony Robbins and Richard Branson have come true. In fact one of my greatest honours of my life to date was to introduce Tony and Richard to each other.

Whether something comes of the introduction or not, I am more interested to know what you are planning? What are you going to do about your goals. There’s no point you keeping them in your head. There’s no point in talking about them. You need to get them down on paper. Now, immediately. Stop what you are doing and jot down every detail of what “perfect” looks like for you.

When you have done that, go and download “Personal Power” and start mapping your future.

Life is a series of journeys. You are the map, the compass, the ship, the belief, the whole deal, the real deal. It rests with you.

Just get a pencil and paper. Give yourself a decade like me and I will see you out here one day and you can tell me your story.

Enjoy the trip.

Loz x

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