14 December 2014

The more I reflect on the past twelve months, the more I realise it’s probably been the most extraordinary year for UKFast. I still remember the early days with clarity and, despite the fact that we have undergone some huge transformations; it’s a good feeling to have held on to some of the things we enjoyed so much all those years ago.

Waiting for Mr Claus to arrive

Waiting for Mr Claus to arrive

When Gail and I set UKFast up, she was straight out of university and I was probably on my last real attempt at trying to become a businessman. Teaming up with Gail showed me the importance of finding the right type of members to grow the business further. We looked very carefully at who we brought on and managed to find two people who are still part of the UKFast family even now.

The whole process of finding great people has been incredible. You get to watch people come in as kids; you watch them walk through the door, go through their interview process, and then you get to know them. You walk up the mountains with them or you might ski or climb with them, then suddenly they’re getting married and having children and their children are here in the office, running about in the creche!

That’s why throwing our friends and family event is so important to me and Gail. It reminds you that everybody is getting a little bit older (and hopefully a little bit wiser too) but it also takes you back to the very beginning all over again.

It’s a real honour to be at the helm of a company like this. We are a funny bunch of people who actually do like working hard. We don’t force people to work hard; we all just seem to enjoy coming in early and doing our best. The other side of this is that we like playing hard too and getting as much enjoyment out of life as we can.

UKFast started out as a little minnow but now we’re really growing and gaining pace. Yet in ten or twenty years we’ll be reflecting on the size we are now and thinking we were still small fry. Ultimately though, as long as we manage to retain the culture we’ve built up over fifteen years, we’ll be the same UKFast at heart.

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