15 February 2015

No matter where I go in the world, my creative team are always finding new ways to track me down and interview me! Maybe that’s why they’re the creative team – they’re known for their unique ideas. At the beginning of the year, they jumped on a plane with me as I headed back to the UK from Verbier, fresh from launching the refurbished Le Farinet, and grilled me about my big news: receiving an MBE.

It’s been over a month and I’m still absolutely delighted to have received the accolade. Since then, we’ve received our financial results for the past year and I couldn’t be more proud of the team for this. Despite the distractions of moving office, they have kept their focus on looking after our clients. Without them, there would be no UKFast.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to show off the film team’s great work, so here’s their video of that very interview. They’ve done such a great job over the years getting me comfortable in front of the camera – which can be no easy task! Years ago, I remember they sat me down and asked me question after question to get me used to the whole interview process. I’ve got to say, I enjoy it a lot more now, and we certainly have some laughs filming these kinds of videos – there’s definitely enough material for an outtakes reel, put it that way.

Talking to them about the MBE whilst flying over mountains and blankets of cloud was an amazing experience and one I’ll remember for many years to come. It’s great to be able to share it with all of you.

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