10 May 2015

Wow, what a week it’s been! If you were anything like me, you stayed up during the election results broadcast as the country gave a vote of confidence to the Conservative government.

enI was invited to take part in a live blogging event by Enterprise Nation, whose party of beer and cake looked far more interesting than my mug of peppermint tea. That said; it’s safe to say we were all fairly gripped throughout the night’s events. Even my eight year old daughter stayed up with me for a while to watch, and was absolutely fascinated by it all.

As an entrepreneur, I’m feeling incredibly buoyant to hear that the country has voted for stability, and not change for change’s sake. Cameron sounded very humble and sincere talking about what looks to be a resounding victory for the Conservatives, whereas Miliband looked like a broken man.

What’s also interesting is that this appears to be a victory for social media, as it shows there is no longer anywhere to hide. Whilst Ed Miliband appeared to be enjoying the limelight, the public could evidently see through his vacuous policies. This is the first election which has had social media play a role of this capacity. You could even argue it’s changing the face of how this country does politics.


Listening and leadership go hand in hand

Ultimately, what this comes down to is leadership. It takes more than creating a lot of noise to be a great leader. You’ve also got to be able to listen and I don’t think this is something Miliband has done. This isn’t to say that Cameron and the Conservatives are perfect. I don’t think there is any one political party that is, which is why I’m so reticent to vote. However, from my perspective, I can see that progress has been made, and they are making some steps in the right direction.

Globally, the results of the general election seem to be going down well too, sending the value of the pound up against the euro and the dollar. The business community across the world clearly wants the continuity and economic stability that a Conservative government offers. This is a great time to limit any further disruption. As a business owner, I would welcome some peace and quiet. When it comes to an EU Referendum, I believe the same applies although it remains to be seen whether we will be herded into this unnecessary distraction.

The only negative for me about the election is that there seems to be a disproportionate number of Scottish nationalists in Parliament. When you consider that UKIP get one seat for over 3 million votes and the SNP get 56 for around 1 million votes, you’d be forgiven for thinking our current electoral system isn’t exactly fair.

Does Scotland really deserve so many seats compared to Wales and Ireland?

Ultimately though, reflecting on the events of Friday, which saw major political figures resign, my overall feeling is one of relief and renewed hope. It’s a hope that we can now stop with all the distraction and allow SMEs to continue growing their businesses, creating jobs and strengthening the economy.

To echo David Cameron’s words, I think it’s time we went back to being a truly United Kingdom.

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