23 August 2015

This will be the shortest blog in the world as I am in a tent, glamping with Gail, at V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex.

So sat in my yurt with the whole of V still fast asleep, I have plenty of time to reflect on a great week at UKFast.

We start every week with a Town Hall Meeting  (as the legendary James Timpson call it) with the whole company under one roof at 8.45am.

It’s a great opportunity to keep everyone up to date and informed with the latest goings on. These days it’s more like a giant family get-together than a business meeting. As the business develops, friendships develop in tandem and I see the importance of this first hand the moment everyone walks in the door.

In this Monday’s morning meeting, we announced that on the Friday we’d have our first product launch (internally) for a new cloud product eCloud Flex. The product is been three years in the making, with a whole year of testing with live clients.

It’s our first truly flexible cloud. Whilst we are able to deliver and launch our other products, even our managed servers, in minutes; they are unable this scale limitlessly and effortlessly at the touch of a button in the same way that eCloud Flex offers.

And, whilst flexibility is not important to everyone, it certainly has driven Amazon’s sales figures massively over the last few years, proving that customers want more ways to consume products.

The explosion of cloud is remarkable. Exactly two years ago we launched eCloud. An instantaneous collaboration of people and software, built on best-of-breed hardware. It now accounts for a 3rd of our revenue providing £1m a month.

It’s impossible to predict where the new eCloud Flex will be in two years’ time; I am just pleased that we finally have a credible, British alternative to compete with the very successful AWS products.

So, last thing on Friday with everyone crammed into a packed auditorium, the team launched the new product with a great video and the Rocky theme to start us off and get us pumped up. We were then treated to branded-up cupcakes, hundreds of pizzas and, of course, teal blue champagne!


eCloudFlex cakes to round off a great event

It’s the first time we have done something like this officially. It was immensely fun and, on reflection, invaluable.

I’d been reading the Steve Jobs book for the third time on my holiday and he always made such a noise around his product launches and now I totally see why.

Most importantly, I was able to thank the team and the guys who dreamt it up and who have dedicated and committed a huge chunk of their lives to work for UKFast. One of the guys in particular started with us more than 10 years ago.

So, keep your eyes open for any news of the official launch date of eCloud Flex and if you want to demo it in the meantime, let me know and you can spin up your own and have a play with it. I’d love to know your feedback.


Meet some of the eCloudFlex team

Meet some of the eCloudFlex team


So as V Fest starts to slowly wake up, I am off for breakfast!

Have a great day.

Best LJ

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