1 November 2015

I don’t care how successful you are, there is a time when you need to switch off. In fact I’d go as far to say the more intense your life or quest, the more intensely you need to power down.

I have a very structured week, with Squash and meditation in equal proportion but eventually you need to step away from the day to day and this is where holidays are so important.

Its very easy to get caught up with the day job, especially when you own a business or are a senior manager or just genuinely try hard to get to the next level.

I will never forget my Uncle Anthony who used to do my accounts in my very first business 25 years ago, once saying to me, “When was the last time you took a holiday Lawrence?”

I answered proudly, “9 years!” thinking he’d be impressed at how hard I was working.

He looked at me shaking his head saying, “Well you need to take a break and see how the other half are living. You are going nowhere fast!”

This advice resonated with me and I took 3 holidays that year. Within 12 months I’d sold that business to Granada.

Its too easy to neglect the people that matter the most. The very same people you are working hardest to provide for.

So this week I am having fun with my girls. Yes I will spend an hour or so woking and catching up with my team because I love what I do, but I will do that when everyone else sleeps. Nothing will get in the way of family time.

I have heard it so often that these years of my daughters lives will go so fast and no matter how much I say I understand, they seem to accelerate away faster and faster.

So today, my blog is short and sweet, the kids are in charge and they have set me a very busy agenda!

Wish me luck!




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