23 October 2016

Don’t shoot me for saying this, however in a world of rapid communication and information overload fuelled by the internet, my favourite form of communication is the oldest of them all, sitting down and getting to know people.

I suppose that’s what fascinated me most about the internet in the early years, the ability to communicate on mass, however the more advanced the internet becomes, the more I realise there is nothing quite like eye contact and the sound of someone’s voice, the shaking of a hand. Sitting down with someone and listening to what they have to say.

But finding the time to do this is getting harder and harder.

view-mustiqueIts too easy now to miss the spirit of communication with blanket emails filling up our in-boxes and vanilla marketing. Our entire lives are rapidly becoming a filtration process where we are calculating whether the next piece of information on our phones, is junk, valid, useful, junk, valid, useful…

So with all of us connecting to more people than any other time in history, how do we manage to communicate to everyone effectively. How can we ensure we are hitting the spot and making sure we are not being lost in the ether.

Years ago when we wrote the UKFast PURPOSE, inspired by the greats like Walt Disney and SONY founder Masaru Ibuka wanting to create a lasting business. I dug deep to really understand what it is we do and why.

Our purpose was born on the white coral sands of Rangalli Island in the Maldives, a holiday where I immersed myself in Jim Collins, Tony Robbins and other inspirations.

UKFast exists to significantly accelerate commerce and learning, through innovation and thought, whilst contributing to our customer’s success.  

There is a word in there that is so important and one that I got a bit of stick about when I returned to the UK excited to share it.

It’s the word THOUGHT.

Yes, our job is to speed up the internet, and help people develop their businesses and also help people in education learn and communicate faster too. How do we do that? Innovation, yes that obviously makes sense. However, how does a small Manchester business wanting desperately to help thousands of business people across the world communicate with billions of their customers and compete with the US giants who have seemingly limitless marketing budgets?
The only way is simply to become the best, to try so hard and believe in our cause to such extent that eventually one day we’d have a breakthrough moment.

When you have 20 people working for you, and your competitor has 20,000 how do you compete?

Well I am great believer we all have at least one thing in common with even the largest and the greatest businesses in the world. We all have an equivalent opposite number in the boardroom. We all have the ability to beat our counterpart.

We may not be able to beat them with marketing budgets and manpower, but there is nothing stopping us from outsmarting even the biggest of companies.

This is where thought comes in.

I heard a great speaker Keith Cunningham when I flew to meet Tony Robbins in Fiji with wife and business partner Gail some years back, we took so much from that trip and I will be forever indebted to the friends we made during those few days.

Keith spoke about taking an hour a day and just sitting in a chair and thinking. “Take time to invent, to tackle challenges,” he said with his Southern drawl and whilst I probably don’t manage an hour a day, since writing our purpose and making thought a conscious and important part of our formula, there have definitely been more breakthrough moments since prioritising it.

A simple thought that cuts through the mist is more powerful than anything else in the world, any weapon, any army. A thought can inspire and connect us all, it’s a physical living entity that whilst we can’t see it at first, over time manifests in to the most dramatic of results.

Earl Nightingale and Tony Robbins both focus on the same saying, “everything in life starts from a single thought.”

They are right, from the clothes you are wearing now, the car you drive, the house you live in, literally everything. Thoughts become things. Positive thoughts become positive things and negative ones erode confidence and cause a downward spiral.

So next time you are wanting to communicate out there on social media or with everyone of your important clients who keep your business alive, how do you do it?

Somewhere deep in your subconscious is an idea that’s so amazing, that’s so magnificent, its worth taking the time to go exploring. Take time out like Keith Cunningham suggests. Go for a long walk, find a quite chair, a spot on a beach like me now, wherever you are it doesn’t matter, take the time.

If we want a stronger Britain, if we want better schools, a better life for our kids, we need stronger businesses. We need everyone engaged and competing at the highest level. One tiny business can make a huge difference.

One single person can change the world. Get thinking!

Think Faster

Lawrence Jones.

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