11 December 2016

No matter how successful you become, never forget your success is the culmination of a great many people’s efforts and without them life would be very different. Yes, it’s a job of a leader to inspire and recruit great potential in the first place, however it’s the hard yards people do for you day in day out that define your level of success.

I have been blessed with some great people over the years. A list of awesome PA’s, technical geniuses and teammates of all levels; the result, UKFast, still a teenager at 17 years old but with such potential and brimming full of incredible people.

Great shot from some team building events in the mountains. Still smiling after being buried in the snow, a true A player. Alex Churton @ Hotel Farinet Verbier

Great shot from some team building events in the mountains. Still smiling after being buried in the snow, a true A player. Alex Churton @ Hotel Farinet Verbier

It’s always hard when you lose a great teammate, especially one from your senior leadership team. Recently I lost my PA and whilst she blamed me for inspiring her, it’s always painful losing someone who is amazing at their job and who you enjoy working with immensely.

In the job advert she responded to 15 months ago, it read, “typically a PA works for a couple of years for me and goes on to run a department or set up their own business.” This is precisely what she is doing, and now, I am proud to be her first customer as she continues to coach and tutor one of my daughters.

But this blog is not a sad one, I only have great memoires and I have learned some incredible lessons over the year and the business continues to grow more than ever.

What excites me is the response I am having from the community after putting the advert out for a second time. It is also incredible to see how social media is changing and how easy it is to make ourselves accessible to large numbers of people in an instant.

The beautiful thing about a great PA is that they are supportive and immediately the response from the PA community is “we’ll find you one!” A personal assistant knows the difficulties any entrepreneur will have navigating their week without the support of a fantastic organiser and someone to coordinate and filter the thousands of tasks.

The result is amazing, with hundreds of applications and enquiries within 48 hours. Its truly humbling to see so many wonderful people wanting to help me on my quest to continue to build UKFast and all our associated companies and make sure I remember to eat, sleep and see my family in the process!

One door closes, but another door opens, and for this next chapter, I might just take my 10 year old daughters advice. Poppy intuitively said, “I think next time you should have 2 PAs daddy!”

So you are out there, and very possibly reading this. It’s not the easiest job in the world, but it has to be one of the most rewarding, both with what you learn but also the places we travel to and the people we meet. I personally could not ask for a more exciting life or greater people to work with, so if you are up for a challenge, or like me up at 4.30am on this Sunday morning, it might just be worth dropping me a line and coming in for a chat.

If it’s not you, but if you know someone who you think might be perfect for a dynamic role like this, give them a nudge for me. Apply on the UKFast site

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.

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