18 December 2016

Back in December 2010, a young lady came to my office for some career advice.

She was clearly very talented, a superstar, the sort of people we hire every day, but she stood out for different reasons and I told her I couldn’t give her a job, she already had number of little ventures and was clearly inspirational.

“You are an entrepreneur” I said, “you have the same profile as me and all other entrepreneurs I know. The same traits and as such it would be wrong of me go give you a job.”

She was alarmed and naturally a little frustrated as any superstar would be that I wouldn’t want to snap her up.

As I tried to explain to her, it would be like trying to cage a wild tiger that was destined to roam free.

Many people would have left with their tail between their legs at this point, but one of the key traits of an entrepreneur, whether you are Richard Branson, Lawrence Jones or as it turned out this young lady Carrie, embarking on their new journey, is the ability to bounce back and get up each time we are knocked over.

As she left I encouraged her to keep in touch, but I didn’t hear anything more. I think most people would have signed her up there and then, but I believe whilst I could have made great use of her and no doubt made plenty of money from her talents and extraordinary drive, what she needed at the time was a friend, or fellow entrepreneur to help with some clear guidance. The right thing to do for her at the time was to help her find her direction.

Carrie Green Female Entrepreneurs Association

Carrie Green Female Entrepreneurs Association

Many people wonder why I do what I do, helping entrepreneurs and doing my best to inspire athletes, kids and people I barely know to do incredible things. For me it is obvious and I get a huge amount of satisfaction from it. The domino effect from it is even more inspiring.

Nearly 2 years later, out of the blue 23 Sep 2012 I received a letter.

It was from Carrie.

In it she wrote,

We met back in December 2010 – I came to your office to ask for your advice. You actually told me that you felt like I needed to “belong” somewhere… well after that I went off and started the Female Entrepreneur Association.
Since setting it up in Feburary 2011 there are now 23,000 women involved. I publish stories about female entrepreneurs from around the world on the site and I also launched a digital magazine in July, which is going really well. 

It seems apt that with our focus in the Business Cloud this edition on Women in Tech, this is a young lady who really deserves a write up and a pat on the back.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and it can be a lonely place and a tough place at times, but if you have the necessary traits, the resilience, the drive and toughness to go it alone, then it’s the most exciting thing you can ever do.

What Carrie is achieving here is incredible. Inspiring hundreds of thousands of women all over the world, creating a support network like no other and building a team that is fuelling generations to come. I am excited to hear more success stories from her as she develops further.

If you are a young lady looking to start up, or someone who has been putting off the inevitable for years and just needs the push, maybe its time to look her up.

Carrie Green | www.femaleentrepreneurassociation.com | Carrie on YouTube | Facebook Fanpage

If you have questions or you are at a crossroads, I am always interested in hearing your story.

Have an awesome day.

Best LJ

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