16 April 2017

lj maldivesHow is your Easter Bank Holiday break going? Are you having some time out?

It is essential to make the most of these occasions to have a little time to unwind. Let your brain rest. Leave the office at the office for a little while.

Why? Rest can easily become a matter of pride for entrepreneurs; ‘sleep is for the weak!’ But in reality I learned this valuable lesson many years ago. I had been proud to say to my uncle that I hadn’t taken a holiday in nine years! He couldn’t believe it and pleaded with me to take a break. I was so locked into my business ventures, so focussed, that I forgot to look after myself and was on the cusp of burnout. It’s no way to run a business or live your life.

When this happens it is incredibly easy to lose sight of what is really important and to focus on the smaller issues rather than the big picture. Now, I make sure that we have our annual trip to the Maldives with my wife in February – here we set our goals and look at the bigger picture of the business, after having a week off of course! I also spend some time at the Farinet at this time of year. Here in Switzerland the air is so fresh and clean, you can’t help but feel clearer-headed.

But, taking time out doesn’t have to mean going away. It could mean closing the laptop and having a day with your children, husband or wife; with your family and friends. Anything that relaxes your mind.

I also find that it is these moments in which I find my greatest inspirations. When your brain is not focussing on the day-to-day activities of your business life, it is free to wander and be creative.

Research suggests calls this an ‘incubation period’ – time to let something that has been rattling around in your head for a while rest, ignoring a problem that you couldn’t solve or stopping looking for that idea you’re searching for. Letting your mind wander is essential for creativity. 

Equally there is a link between dopamine and creativity. When do we experiences surges of dopamine? Taking time out, and exercise is a key factor. 

But it seems that the main trick to finding your creativity is distraction from your every day routine or from a big task. What more perfect time is there than over the Bank Holiday weekend to take some time out?

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