21 May 2017

Throughout the 30 years that I have been in business, the greatest thing that I have discovered is the value of learning from the advice and experiences of others.

I have travelled all over the world to seek out lessons from the likes of Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson, and I have read a library of business books to pick up tips from the most successful businesses and businesspeople out there. I am still learning and constantly evolving.

It is one of the greatest honours to be able to pass on the lessons that I have learned along my journey – the mistakes that I have made, the golden rules and the essentials that helped us bounce back after the inevitable stumbles any business journey has.

Social media has connected the world in a way like nothing else before it. As an entrepreneur it connects me with our clients on a personal level; with the team even when we’re in different countries, and with other budding businesspeople.

It is these budding entrepreneurs who question me the most: what does it take to grow a business? What does each day look like? How do you manage your time?

Whilst I strive to answer these questions in my blog, what better way to answer them than simply to show you? With that in mind, I have started a series of vlogs that give you an insight into my everyday life and what I am learning along the way. I hope that these will be of value to anyone out there looking for a bit of inspiration.

Watch the first in the series below and subscribe to the channel for future episodes. I’d love to hear what you want to know about and the questions that you have.

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