27 July 2017

time UKFast Lawrence Jones MBEOne of your most important roles is to make sure that your team goes home on time.

I don’t encourage early starts and late finishes. Whilst when big projects are on, or you have an issue to resolve, these long days can be inevitable, they should never become routine.

Why? Because teams burn out! I would much rather the team come in on time and leave on time, and really make the most of their day. Staying late the night before often means coming in tired the next day, or a building sense of stress.

It’s all too easy for late nights to become a habit. It’s not healthy.

Take some time out.

It is absolutely essential for your health and wellbeing to switch off. We already struggle enough to switch off having our phones and devices with us, feeding us new information every second of the day. We’re constantly connected.

We need that time out.

That’s why we built the gym at UKFast Campus. To give people the chance to disconnect, switch off, away from notifications, emails, social media, and – most importantly – away from their desks. It doesn’t matter how incredible a workspace is, no one can be inspired sitting in a chair for eight hours or more a day!

So, what are you doing? Go home! Switch off and enjoy your evening.

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