20 August 2017

Tomorrow is World Entrepreneur Day and the start of UKFast’s Entrepreneur Week (#WorldEntrepreneursDay) and I have something special lined up for you!

I set out with my Sunday blog around 10 years ago to help inspire others and to share what I learn.

It turns out that I am the one that gets inspired by people’s reactions and comments, with around 200,000 regular visitors to my blog.

The result: I made friends all over the world and learned a huge amount that benefited both Gail and I personally helping us with our challenges growing UKFast. It is without doubt the most effective way to develop.

Wanting to do something different from the usual blogs to celebrate Entrepreneur’s week and to say thank you, I picked up the phone, sent out texts and called friends to see if they wanted to do some podcasts and interviews.

The idea was to get the definitive answer from a range of passionate, brilliant, successful individuals to help reinforce the age old question: “What is the best way to run your business?”

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur or busy professional. It’s a lonely job at times, full of ups and downs. Yet some people manage it with consummate ease, whilst others cause one problem after another.

Do you want to know the secret?

I most definitely have the answer for you. On top of that, we have some world-class tips from five extraordinary entrepreneurs spanning all ages and different industries.

I chose friends and entrepreneurs who are both customers and unequivocally leaders in each area of their businesses.

Sir Richard Branson

Entrepreneur Richard Branson and Lawrence Jones playing chess on Necker

What does an entrepreneur do when not working! Chess on Necker

Richard Branson needs no introduction or explanation. He’s without doubt the greatest living British entrepreneur and a privilege to know. The interview with Richard is on Necker Island in his kitchen at his home. You can hear the water running from the waterfall by his pool and the sounds of nature filling the air, with the bustle of family life in the background. Richard explains his values with such clarity and precision.

Sir Richard Branson PodCast

James Timpson of Timpson

James is an incredible entrepreneur. He first started working in the shops at 14 and immediately fell in love with being a shopkeeper. Since joining Timpson after university he has grown the various businesses in the group from just over 100 stores to over 1,900. James’ unique approach is all about trust and his story is a captivating one.

James Timpson and Lawrence Jones PodCast

Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association

Entrepreneur Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneurs Association at home with LJ

Entrepreneur Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneurs Association at home with LJ

An inspiration not only to women but to all men too, Carrie has a network of more than 500,000 followers on Facebook and huge subscription base of passionate fans. She’s also the author of an international best-selling book, She Means Business. The interview in Carrie’s home is straight talking and from the heart.

Carrie Green and Lawrence Jones PodCast

Chris Percival of Jigsaw Medical

Chris set up Jigsaw Medical whilst at university and spent his student loan on converting his dad’s car into an ambulance. His business turned over £10m last year and he’s confident it will be £30m next year. Chris is a great collaborator and a brilliant businessman.

Chris Percival and Lawrence Jones PodCast

Steven Bartlett of Social Chain

Entrepreneur Steven Bartlett of Social Chain discussing entrepreneurship at UKFast with Lawrence Jones

Entrepreneur Steven Bartlett of Social Chain discussing entrepreneurship at UKFast with Lawrence Jones

Steve is without doubt a phenomenon. At 24 he’s the youngest in the group but is as self assured as any others in the list. He’s built an incredible team and is doing something every agency owner dreams of. His list of clients is the who’s who of the world’s biggest brands. He is changing the face of social media showing established agencies how it should be done and having fun at the same time.

Steven Bartlett PodCast with Lawrence Jones

Entrepreneur’s Week Interviews

What is remarkable, are the similarities between them all.

I could have chosen powerhouses like Peter Jones, Alan Sugar and other showman, because yes, you can make money from throwing your weight around, but you can’t do what these guys are doing. I chose caring entrepreneurs who value people above all else. Ones that are all creating profitable businesses, by investing in their teams whilst adopting the freshest of leadership styles.

The moment you hear them talk you will understand what I mean. The world is changing and we need to change with it! And fast! You can make money from being forceful and bullying others, but you can make much more by ensuring your teammates feel valued.

Listen to these interviews and I promise you they will change your life. The impact of one on their own may be inspiration enough, but as a family of interviews the overwhelming force of the collection, knocked me for 6 and I already believe in this stuff!

Enjoy, please spread the word, tweet the heck out of these guys and let’s celebrate the very best of global entrepreneurs that come from our aptly name great country, Great Britain.

Best LJ

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