10 September 2017

first day of school UKFast

Coco’s first day of school

Our yesterdays come all too quickly. It truly doesn’t seem like a moment has passed since each of my daughters was born. Now our littlest, Summer, is more than a year old and the other three are all starting the new school year.

It’s important to make the most of every moment, especially the milestones. The first day of school is one such milestone.

It’s a huge occasion, isn’t it?

At the start of the month I announced that UKFast is giving parents the day off when their children have their first day at school.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been sent photos of these tiny little ones in their school uniforms and heartfelt messages from mums and dads. It’s a moment that parents shouldn’t have to rush or miss because they’re at work, or have to use valuable holiday time. It shouldn’t be a stressful day; it should be one that you remember forever as exciting and, of course, a bit emotional too.

back to school ukfast first day at school

Back to school for proud mum Sarah and her son Seb.

Every mum or dad I know has had to take holiday time and that just doesn’t seem right. Gail and I spoke about it, and it was the logical thing to do. This way parents can drop their little ones at school, be on hand if they’re needed and take some time to themselves. Then they can be there when the bell goes to pick them up.

Having the day off gives parents a bit more freedom and helps them to start their children’s educational journey off on the right foot – happy, stress free and positive!

Kids don’t stay little for long

As a dad myself, I know how important it is to mark these milestones. Kids don’t stay little for long!

It’s hard to believe that my eldest is already at high school and fast-approaching milestone exams. Coco started school last year, seeing her in her tiny school uniform and hat; she suddenly looked so grown up. I knew our baby wasn’t a baby anymore! She’s absolutely thriving and loving school a year later. She’s confident, chatty and full of energy!

It might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people but when you’re a mum or dad and you’re taking your little one to school for the very first time it is a really important day.

first day of school ukfast

Coco getting settled in to her new school last year.

The idea originally came from friend and incredible businessman, James Timpson. He was talking to me in a recent interview about the importance of looking after your team and making it easier for them to fit work in alongside family life.

The Timpsons are an extraordinary family. People are at the very heart of the business and they’re leading the way for how businesses should be run. We’ve learned a lot from their upside-down management model and how they empower their teams. The family have a couple of books – I’d recommend reading them if you want to become an incredible leader and inspirational business person.

Ultimately, as business leaders it’s our job to ensure that our teams are able to experience these magical moments with their families. Life is about enjoying every second.

If you think about it, if every company in Britain did this – and they easily could – it would put a smile on every single person’s face. I do hope that one day everyone will follow suit.

Our eldest three daughters all starting the new school year on Coco’s first day last year. It’s hard to believe how much they have grown and changed in just 12 months.

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