6 October 2017

In the dessert for STRIVE challengeWe’ve taken over! Lawrence and Gail are on radio silence while the embark on an extraordinary journey over the next few days, to raise money to boost education and help create BIG CHANGE. So, it is up to team UKFast to take over and keep you updated.

We’ve had a few photographs and updates from the boss along the way. Last night they camped out beneath the stars in the Moroccan desert having started the epic mountain bike ride to the foot of Mount Toubkal. We managed to snatch a few words with Team Jones, here’s what they had to report…

Journal Day Two

Day one in the desert! Holy cow! If I thought this was going to be tough, I didn’t realise to what extent.

It’s evening now, the locals are helping the organisers lighting candles. We are showered and feeling almost normal, outside of the bruises. Gail and I definitely won the competition for most times falling off our mountains bikes. A little blood but a healthy dose of adrenaline doesn’t half focus your attention to the matter in hand.team jones strive challenge education

The experience today has been incredible. The locals here in Marrakech are really friendly and the kids run alongside the bikes as we ride through villages. High-fiving and grinning from ear to ear, it gives you a huge lift in between ‘striving’.

On that note, it’s certainly aptly named STRIVE, because that is exactly what we are all here doing, although I’d punctuate that with Noah and Sam’s creative descriptions of the consummate ease in which we will master each daily challenge. Both of them opted for the easier of two routes home today, so I am heartened that even the fit, young whipper-snappers felt it today.

I’m off for dinner now. I’ve had a lovely day and it’s not over.

I got to spend some quality time with Richard which is a rarity these days as unlike most people his age who slow down, he is without a doubt accelerating as normal! It was fun to hang out with him on the bikes, it was a little like the old days when I first ran with him on Necker.

Most of all, today’s been special because I got to hang out with Gail. Albeit the two of us suffering in silence, it’s healthy preparation for the adventures that lie ahead.

team jones strive challenge

Camp fire on the first night of our Strive challenge.


Tonight, the topic of conversation on all out lips is education. “How can we make a difference, a meaningful one?”

I’m excited to hear Simon Sinek speak. After just putting down a second book of his before leaving for this trip, I have numerous questions on his leadership principals.
It’s going to an interesting night.

As the sun goes down, it’s hard not to feel blessed being on this extraordinary planet.

We’ll keep you updated on Team Jones’s progress over the next few days. To find out more about their STRIVE challenge for Big Change, and to donate, visit their Virgin Money Giving page.

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