11 March 2018

family time on mother's day, mum and daughter

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful wife, Gail.

Today we celebrate the most important women in our lives – our mums.

The women who picked us up when we fell, who soothed our bumps and bruises; the women who support us throughout each part of our lives, whether they’re here with us or in our hearts, whether biological mother or otherwise. Our mums have a huge impact on our lives and give so much to do so.

In our house, today is Gail’s day. My incredible wife and mother to our four daughters, Gail deserves Mother’s Day every day! Our girls are making the special effort to ensure that Gail has a truly special day.

Summer, our one-year-old, brought Gail some mini cacti and insisted on carrying them to her herself – a little precarious walking across the kitchen with one in each hand! The older three girls have all given her a big bunch of flowers too.

Today is all about family.

Looking back, my mum was tough but incredibly sensitive and the absolute kindest person in the world with her time. My mother is very generous with her time. Mum taught me the extraordinary value of connection and love, and being kind from a very early age.

I was fortunate as a child to receive a fully funded scholarship to Durham Chorister School where I boarded from the age of seven. It was, of course, incredibly hard for Mum seeing her seven-year-old moving to the other end of the country. She knew it was what I needed to do. My parents were obviously limited to how often they could come up to visit but they would trek up the country in their little Fiesta every now and again but, without fail, I had a letter every morning from my mum. She wrote to me every single day, without fail.

In all honesty, I didn’t have the best relationship with my dad so my mother without a doubt compensated for that. Before she retired, Mum taught at Brigidine Convent, Denbigh – she was incredibly well respected. I’ve no doubt that that is in part down to how generous she was, and still is, with her time.

It can’t have been easy for Mum…

My childhood memories are very much with really strong women. Not only my Mum, but Mother Dee and Sister Liz, who looked after me at Brigidine Convent and were icons in my life.

I spent my life at school when I was growing up. I’d be at school Christmas and Easter to be able to sing at the services – it can’t have been easy for Mum at these times.

I remember her always doing something; hanging wallpaper, cooking wonderful meals, throwing parties – we always had an open door for people. She set a high benchmark for me to find my perfect wife and that’s why it took me until I was 30; no-one compared to my mum!

So whilst it was business as usual this morning – I had an interview early doors, then a meeting with one of my director and I’ve been up since 4.30am trying to catch up with the week – today belongs to family. Today, we celebrate my wonderful mum, my wife, my indescribable mother-in-law June and all of the awesome women in our family.

Enjoy celebrating with your families, raise a glass to those incredible mums that aren’t with us, honour the dads doing it on their own and make some wonderful memories together.

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