9 April 2018

Taking some time out in the mountains. Business advice.

Taking some time out in the mountains.

How has your week been? Busy? Stressful? Successful? In the final of these three blog posts, I am set to share three more pieces of advice that I have learned over the years that will transform your weeks from busy and stressful to successful.

It’s a simple formula.

Flick the switch

OK, so you are an obsessive person. I know this by the fact that you are hanging out here with me now! I am one too, and so are the 200,000 regular visitors to my blog each month. Whilst we are taught as children, “obsessive is bad,” actually obsession is an essential ingredient to all success.

The problem is, so often, we use our obsessive gene on the easy things to obtain in life. Food, alcohol, cigarettes, TV, and the like. Often we waste it on anything that wastes our time or has a negative impact on our health. How many bad habits do you have? It’s time to remove them!

If your dream of a perfect life in 20 or 30 years’ time, means that actually you don’t live to enjoy it because you are stressed or on your last legs from working too hard and abusing areas of your life, was it worth it? Of course not.

I need you to remove the negative things you obsess over and swap them with fun things. Just small steps to start, but they will invariably grow.

Being more mindful of the things that you obsess over is essential – are you focussing on the positive areas of your life? Are you spending your energy in the most efficient way?

Now is the time for change.


lawrence jones gymWe have all heard the saying a “healthy body, healthy mind.” This is the first thing you need too obsess over. How do I do it? Easy, I schedule in time every day. Just an hour will do: running, squash, weights, kick-boxing. These are my favourites now that I don’t play rugby, what are yours?

A good week means I do around 10 hours of the activities listed above. A bad week will be 5 hours.

In a few months I am going to be 50 years old, yet my resting heart rate is still between 40 and 50 bpm, as low as an Olympic athlete. While I won’t be competing in the Olympics anytime soon, I take my business as seriously as any Gold medalist takes their training, preparation and race days. Fitness is essential.

Not only does it keep you fit and healthy, it provides an opportunity for your brain to wander, to switch off from your devices and to focus solely on the task in hand.

Rest, Sleep

What happens when you exercise hard? You need rest. Especially as you are going to be working hard too. This is one area as a younger man I neglected. Always working and never taking holidays, I missed the big picture.

There is no point aiming at a Utopian life if the one you are currently living is no fun or, worse, running you into the ground. We only get one life, why waste it on things that don’t make you happy?

Take regular time out for holidays and make sure you are getting your sleep.

Along with the previous two posts about my greatest advice, these snippets are part of my magic formula: the lessons that I have learned along the way that have helped me in my journey. I have no doubt that more posts like this will follow, we continue to learn, every day.

I’d love to hear what you would add to this list of tips. Have you found your own magic formula?

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