20 May 2018

Everyone loves a special occasion. Events that bring people together are always the most fun. To have one that manages to do that across the globe is unusual, let alone the country. Yesterday’s Royal Wedding was one of those rare occurrences that meant something special to so many people around the world, not just to the direct family members and the bride and groom.

What I love about the story is that it’s a normal young lady who has been swept off her feet by a Prince. It’s the fairytale story that we all grew up reading about, and now it’s unfolding in front of our very eyes.

They are doing it differently too, breaking protocol in so many ways, with Gospel singers and Southern Preachers, no organ music as she entered the church. Not even an invitation to global leaders and foreign dignitaries like the US president and even our Prime Minister were not included, which reinforces their decision, this ceremony was about LOVE . Whilst it was a state occasion, it managed to feel intimate and very different from the usual pomp and ceremony of these large events.

But that’s what Lady Diana would have wanted. She was arguably the first person who managed to bring a softness to the Royal Family. A connection with the people that both Prince Willam and Prince Harry are managing to continue and stamp on their own personality.

A modern fairytale

royal wedding

Gail and I setting off for Windsor.

Today’s fairytale is one of those rare stories that happen once in a lifetime, a story that gives us hope in a world where news outlets seldom promote happy stories, as apparently they don’t generate as much revenue as salacious ones.

But who could not see the magic in the joining of two such happy people, poles apart in society, a true love story. It was lovely to see every channel from across the globe, TV and Radio alike crammed in to every corner of Windsor Castle and the surrounding buildings. You couldn’t walk 30 ft without being approached by journalists from all over the world for a comment. There were a pop up studios everywhere, on balconies, in tents and even rooftops.

With Britain suffering from our European disagreement with Brexit dividing the entire nation just as passionately today, as the day we all decided to vote, this was an occasion that united the country. Sadly not all people share the same view, but an overwhelming majority did, and in today’s complex and divided society that is a welcomed rarity.


Yet one day on, even though the Royal Family invited the world’s press into their home at Windsor Castle to report on essentially a private affair, some news papers chose to criticise, be it the style of her dress, even the colour of her skin became the topic of the debate with one headline from Sky reading, “There would have been no way that William would have been able to come home with anybody that looked like Meghan.”

And whilst the news outlet is careful they are only quoting someone else, this is apparently acceptable and an effective way of reporting a negative slant without being liable. And thus an irrelevant and deliberately disturbing viewpoint becomes headline news.

This has to change. Why are we reducing such a special occasion down to a debate around the colour of a princes’ skin?

The Royal Family didn’t have to welcome the news channels in with open arms, yet they did. Surely this kindness should be reciprocated.  I always admired Sir Alex Ferguson who got so fed up with BBC reporting that he banned them from his stadium press area for years. People knew exactly where they stood with Sir Alex and like him or loathe him, he had strong values and he lived by them.

I cant help thinking the Press need the Royal family far more than they need the press.

Yesterday we saw Britain at its best. Our Royal Family did us proud. The Queen did us proud allowing the youngsters to do things a little differently. This a true sign of a great leader who allows rules and traditions that have been hundreds of years in the making, to be bent or broken.

A rare, beautiful day

Today however we see Britain at its worse where educated people using the title of journalist, hide behind the legal clout of the big news outlets on the pretext of “Freedom of speech.” Yet from my own personal experience, I am well aware that journalists quite often have their own agenda.

Personally I choose to focus on the occasion and not on a nobody who is trying to incite racial hatred and create a negative debate.royal wedding

Yesterday was one of those rare and beautiful summer days and above the castle there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was a truly unique occasion, one that triggered so many memories of weddings gone by. Facebook was full of romantic comments of peoples own memories. Meghan and Harry were just one happy couple amidst millions who welled up and squeezed their partners hands throughout the day. I was guilty of this.

Sweet dreams

The best part of the whole weekend is being able to tuck my little girls into bed and recount stories about the day and remind them that real Princes do exist and they do fall in love with normal people, from normal families, just like ours.  These are the thoughts and dreams we want to fill our kids heads with as they drift off to sleep tonight. That feeling of togetherness that the royal couple Meghan and Prince Harry achieved yesterday with their wedding, is a feeling that is so powerful that it connects and unites millions across the globe. This is something we should all be dreaming for.

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