26 August 2018

How to make your goals a reality - business adviceEvery now and then, we reach a point in our lives where we need advice. It could be when you reach a fork in the road and don’t know which path to take. It could be making a big business decision or looking for a new job.

Inevitably, we look to those who’ve been in our shoes for support. I travelled the world to seek out people who were the best in their game – the likes of Chet Holmes and Richard Branson. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable that experience was and how it shaped the road to where I now find myself.

As we prepare for the next phase in UKFast’s journey, and where that will lead, once again, I look to those who’ve been in my shoes now for their advice and support. Thankfully, now I am surrounded by extraordinary entrepreneurs and friends who have a wealth of experience in so many different arenas. They’re also incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.

However, when I was starting out, 30 years or so ago, one thing’s for sure, none of the big, reputable entrepreneurs wanted to be associated with a 16-year-old with bleached-blonde hair and a skateboard, just starting out on his journey.

Having navigated those waters, and picked up mentors and lessons from some incredible people along the way, now I believe that it’s my responsibility to help others to grow.

With that in mind, as I sit here looking out onto the mountain tops in Switzerland, thinking about the lessons I’ve learned. Here’s a roundup of some of the business advice posts that I’ve shared in recent months. I hope that it brings together some useful tips that can help streamline your every day.

Five Ways to Get Your Dream Job

September is said to be one of the best times of the year to look for a new career. After the summer break, recruitment starts to ramp up once again and people look for a change to combat the summer blues. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make the best impression you can to get your dream job?
It’s all too easy to become caught up in the pressure of reaching the goal of a new job. It’s a scary prospect to start anew, looking for a new role or starting out on your own. If you’re starting out on your own, there are still some valuable tips for the inevitable meetings that you have coming up. Read my tips and advice.

Five Ways to Maintain Your Focus

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a long to-do list and being unable to focus. Your brain’s foggy and there are a million and one things popping in and out of your head.
When you have so many plates spinning at any one time, it’s all too easy to lose focus and start to feel burnt out. There is a finite amount of tasks you can juggle before one inevitably drops. So, how do you maintain your focus and keep the important plates spinning?

Learn from my experience here.

How to Build a Startup Success

So, you’ve got your business idea, you’ve set your goal, now how do you make it a reality? There are so many different ways to build a business that it can be nerve-racking to know the best route to take. To put it simply, no path to success is the same!

Read the lessons that I learned building a startup.

Five Ways to Make Better Decisions

There are few things as stressful as having to make a big decision. The stress can keep you up at night and distract you from everything else.
As a business leader – at every single stage of your journey – a decision you make can have huge consequences, both positive and negative, for your company and team. With this in mind, how do you overcome that pressure of making a choice?

Everyone has their own way to help come to a conclusion.james timpson and lawrence jones ukfast

A Chat with James Timpson

When you surround yourself with extraordinary people, you naturally pick up hints and tips along the way. One of those people on my journey is James Timpson. The cobbler-extraordinaire is a great friend and incredible businessman.

In this podcast that we recorded a little while ago, James shares his journey growing the Timpson brand to more than 1,900 outlets.

In modern business, it is absolutely essential to learn from those around you. The landscape is changing at a rate of knots; it can be overwhelming to keep pace! When you learn from others, ask questions and collaborate, it suddenly doesn’t seem such a daunting task.

I’m always here to answer any questions you have. Leave them in the comments below or drop me a message on social media.

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