11 August 2019

Pivotal Moments - Lawrence Jones MBE and Gary Neville for the Mind Your Own Business Podcast - Moving OnThere are few things, if any, more powerful than the human mind. It has the potential to make or break us, depending upon how we use it. It affects everything from our mood, to our actions, to ultimately how successful we are and can become.

Our minds have the power to transform how we approach every area of our lives, and how we respond to change. Ultimately whenever we are faced with the prospect of change, we have two options. We can either embrace it and grow, or fight it and fail.

For the past few weeks I have been writing about some of the lessons shared by Mind Your Own Business podcast guests over the past two years. To round off the series of posts, today I want to share with you two extraordinary people who, whilst different in many ways, have one commonality: their approach to change.

The first of whom is Manchester United and England football legend, Gary Neville.

His journey has taken him from the Class of ’92 to the business elite, but moving on from the centre stage and bright lights of Old Trafford to being a relatively unknown quantity in the business arena is no mean feat. To me, he is a prime example of the parallels between sport and business.

One of the greatest transferrable lessons he shared during his episode of the podcast was about ‘Fergie Time’. The infamous extra few minutes of the football match in which United became renowned for scooping a literal last-minute winner.

Fergie Time

Neville speaks of how the phenomenon of Fergie Time annoyed other teams because the United 11 would keep pushing until the final whistle, never giving up. Teams knew that United would keep pushing beyond 90 minutes. This mentality wasn’t only seen during those final few minutes. In fact the ‘Class of 92’ were on the pitch long after training finished. They loved the game, were passionate about it above all else, and gave it their all. These three things – a love for what you’re doing, passion to grow and thrive, and effort – are the only way that you can succeed in anything, whether that is sport or business or otherwise.

Beyond the pitch and the legend of Sir Alex Ferguson, Neville shares his experiences of leaving the club that was his life for so long. He describes playing for Manchester United as “being at the top of a mountain” and that when that’s over you “can’t just fall off the edge”.

Listen to this episode for an insight into preparing for huge change, having the right mindset in place and transferring the lessons you learned from one area of success in your life into a new venture.

Opportunity with change

Claire Lomas - with every challenge comes opportunity - overcoming change.The second podcast guest who comes to mind when I speak of change, is a truly remarkable woman.

Claire Lomas MBE was an event rider. She had trained since being a child to make a career out of eventing. Riding horses was her life and she was competing at an incredibly high level. Then disaster struck.

During Horse Trials in 2007, her horse clipped a tree and threw her into it, falling to the ground. In that instant, she knew she was paralysed. In that split second, everything changed.

When what you perceive as the worst thing in the world actually happens, how would you respond? It’s unimaginable for most of us, myself included.

For Claire though, from having her equestrian career ripped from her, to losing the use of her legs and everything associated with that, she grew stronger and found alternative opportunities. She even walked the London Marathon, despite being paralysed from the chest down, using a robotic walking suit. It took her 17 days.

Every opportunity

Of the change Claire faced after that accident, she says: “I felt two-thirds dead. I thought how will I ever be happy and be paralysed? It didn’t just happen overnight.

“How I did it? I did it by taking every little opportunity.

“It wouldn’t seem anything to most people. I didn’t realise it was such a big thing at the time, but things like going out for lunch with friends when you don’t feel like it. It is very easy to say no. Most of the time I made myself do it. And usually, I felt better for doing it.

“It is like building a jigsaw; you don’t just get the big picture, you don’t get the challenges I have done since. I had to put all of the little bits in.”

I guarantee this episode will inspire you to be a better person, to try even harder and to not take anything in life for granted.


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