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How GDPR applies to entrepreneurs/business owners:

Despite the Brexit vote, the UK remains subject to EU laws until further notice. The GDPR would even still apply to your business if it were to be repealed, providing you’d want to continue to trade with or within an EU member state.

Download GDPR Toolkit

With the introduction of the GDPR it becomes clearer than ever that data protection is everyone’s responsibility. GDPR sets a standard that we’re already meeting at UKFast, but it’s fantastic to see this expanded industry-wide.

UKFast is committed to complying with data protection at the highest standard; throughout our business’ history we’ve not only met regulations but pushed beyond them, setting new standards and leading the market.

I believe that, as a business owner, it’s our job to exceed expectations when it comes to data protection; people trust us to do that. Successful businesses are built on strong customer relationships, so it’s important to be compliant with any new laws or regulations coming in. It’s not just the fine that’s at stake, but your reputation too.

Download your GDPR toolkit today for guidance and advice from the experts to becoming compliant.

Disclaimer: The information in this toolkit is for your general guidance only and is not and shall not constitute legal advice. If you need advice on your rights or responsibilities or any legal advice around data protection matters, please obtain specific legal advice and contact an adviser or solicitor.

Inside the GDPR toolkit

Get instant access to five essential downloads in one:


1: An Essential Overview

The GDPR is a long document, so we’ve done some of the leg work for you by highlighting what data controllers and processors need to do to comply.


2: Are you GDPR ready?

Your organisation must be compliant with the GDPR by 25th May 2018. Our whitepaper guides you through the key changes introduced by the Regulation.


3: GDPR Expert Webinar

On 4th May 2017, a panel of legal experts came to UKFast to answer the questions that are most important to UK businesses preparing for the GDPR deadline.


4: 12 Steps Infographic

Ready to get started? We've outlined the initial 12 steps you'll need to take for GDPR compliance in a practical and easy-to-digest infographic.


5: GDPR Expert Q&A

We put your GDPR questions to a group of experts. What has driven the GDPR? What it will mean for businesses and how you can prepare for the changes?