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  • Jeremiah

    LJ+ Jeremiah Emmanuel

    11 June 2018

    I truly believe people come into your life for a reason. My guest on this podcast is no exception. We met whilst taking part in the gruelling Virgin STRIVE Challenge in Morocco – at 18 years old Jeremiah Emmanuel was the youngest on the t... Read More

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  • What does your business stand for?

    4 June 2018

    Most companies have a mission statement outlining their vision and the attributes they value the most, but do the people within the company ... Read More

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  • Apprenticeships: Helping the next generation to grow

    Apprenticeships: Helping the next generation to grow

    28 May 2018

    I recently saw alarming figures revealing that the number of people starting apprenticeships is falling 25 per cent year on year. Ap... Read More

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  • LJ+ e3creative Founder, Jake Welsh

    21 May 2018

    I believe that forming strong business partnerships is absolutely imperative if you want to drive your business forward. In this podcast I s... Read More

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  • switching off with friends and family

    Socially Disconnected

    14 May 2018

    How many times a day do you check your phone? As a society we’ve never been more connected but our reliance on social media is undoubtedly... Read More

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  • How your business can work harder

    How your business can work harder

    30 April 2018

    Diversifying your business can be an extraordinary catalyst for growth but before setting up in a new market it’s important you weigh up t... Read More

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  • End of the High Street

    Is this the end of the high street?

    23 April 2018

    Debenhams is the latest high street retailer to see its profits plummet. Earlier this year Toys R Us and Maplin closed their doors and the f... Read More

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  • Antisocial Media

    Antisocial Media

    16 April 2018

    The decision by J D Wetherspoon to shut down its social media accounts is certainly brave. Will it pay off and separate the pub chain from t... Read More

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  • Fuelling Success

    Fuelling Success

    9 April 2018

    What does your working day look like? Do you spend the majority of it sitting at a desk? Perhaps you often work through your lunch break? Ar... Read More

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  • Bridging the gap

    Bridging the pay gap

    6 April 2018

    The gender pay gap figures expose the inequality that exists inside thousands of UK businesses – with men earning more, on average, in alm... Read More

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