5 November 2018

LJ+ Steve Hill and Lawrence Jones MBE - belief, mindset and goalsetting

I am a passionate believer in encouraging children to follow their dreams, however extravagant they may seem. When you ask a child what they want to be, they want to be an astronaut, a King or Queen, have three pools with a submarine. The limiting beliefs we pick up as adults simply don’t exist to children. It’s something we could all learn from.

Deputy headmaster Steve Hill MBE goes one step further in his quest to help children fulfil their potential in life. Each year his class decide on an epic challenge for him to tackle, ranging from climbing mountains and trekking through jungles to running ultra-marathons in the Arctic. As a result, Steve and his class have raised more than £100,000 for a variety of charities.

In Steve’s world ‘can’t’ is a swear word, instead he lives by the mantra, ‘I can and I will, just watch me’. He talks with me about his daring adventures, why he keeps a bag of toenails and a ripped trainer in his classroom, and how he involves the children on each step of the journey.

Host: Lawrence Jones 

Guest: Steve Hill 

Listening time: 33 mins

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