17 December 2018

Forget prawn rings and party food, this Christmas the topic of conversation is palm oil thanks to Iceland’s viral advert, highlighting the destruction of the rainforest for palm oil production. To date, it’s had more than 70 million views online after being banned from television broadcasts.

Richard Walker is the person driving the supermarket’s eco-friendly focus. The son of Iceland’s founder, Malcom Walker, Richard took up the role of Managing Director in August 2018, pledging to remove plastics from Iceland’s own-brand packaging by 2023 and to replace palm oil with more sustainable alternatives. However, his decision to stand up for what he believes in made him the target of online smear campaigns.

In this conversation with Lawrence Jones MBE, Richard reveals what inspired him to join the family firm, and why it’s important that Iceland continues to disrupt the status quo, using its influence to make a positive difference on the world.

Host: Lawrence Jones 

Guest: Richard Walker, Managing Director Iceland Foods Group

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