11 February 2019

Does every business have the potential to grow? Of course it does. Just as talent can expand, creativity can be strengthened and leaders can develop. In short, every single person with a business has the potential to be extraordinary. So what’s the secret?

A growth mindset. It’s essential for both you as an individual and the business as a whole. Why?

To answer this I discuss the following two questions, asked by listeners of this podcast:

  1. Have you ever had a situation where someone you work with sees people as a resource rather than a work family?
  2. How do you delegate and take your business to the next level by empowering a team?

Learn how small changes can revolutionise your business. By making a just a few adaptations, you put yourself in a position to continually move forward, smash your goals and reach new levels of success.

Host: Lawrence Jones 

Listening time: 30 mins

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