4 March 2019

It’s impossible to comprehend or imagine the devastating impact of being told your child has a terminal illness, yet to receive the news that two of your children may suffer the same fate is utterly indescribable.

However, that is the reality for Lucy and Mike Carroll, after their youngest son Ollie and daughter Amelia were diagnosed with the incredibly rare Batten Disease. The cruel illness robs children of their motor skills and sight, and most given the diagnosis do not make it to their teenage years.

But the nightmare doesn’t end there. The family have recently been given the devastating news that a treatment therapy, to slow down progression of the disease, would no longer be funded for them.

Lucy shares her incredibly emotional story with me, including her anger at being told that it costs too much to keep her children alive and her resolve to continue fighting, for the life of every child who deserves a chance.


Host: Lawrence Jones 

Guest: Lucy Carroll

Listening time: 35 mins

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